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Discover Who You Are

Life is our teacher. We can allow life to teach us through our challenges in two different ways. The first way is based on our "flesh" and the other way is our "spirit". Unfortunately, most of us operate from a flesh place. The word flesh symbolize weakness. Weakness is the condition of lacking strength. On the other hand, our spirit represents life and peace. This is the nonphysical part of us that consists of our character and feelings. Remember you are spirit, but most often you aren't operating that part of yourself if you haven't surrendered control.

Our flesh is based on all the things we picked up through our life's experiences. It started when we were children. So imagine all of the positive and negative things you may have experienced. Even though, you may not have memory of every single thing, your body does. You may not remember your parents telling you to kill your dreams because it doesn't guarantee financial success. Or your friends telling you that your painting looks horrible. Those remarks can negatively affect you and subconsciously stick to your identity.

When we endure some sort of abuse, abandonment, or neglect it robs us of our freedom. It silences a very important part of our being. We become shattered, but yet strong. Strong because you were taught that through your pain you must keep going without properly healing. That's when you start building a wall around your heart. Now this is very detrimental because our heart is the gateway to our spiritual gifts. It allows us to give and receive love and love is the highest frequency which means it heals us. How many people do you know loves without judgement? Not many. A lot of people are blocked in this place because of the barriers of their pain. Once this happens, you begin to experience life through fear because your flesh wants to protect you. Now remember most people begin this process as a child. So imagine the wall of protection and the layers that has added since becoming an adult. We have never given God the opportunity to free us and that's not your fault. Living from a flesh place goes against what God wants for you. That doesn't mean go be super religious, it means go within to discover who God created you be.

Some people aren't aware of spirituality because they either wasn't taught or they believe going to church was enough. Church is not enough! Choosing to wake your spirit up is a commitment. It's almost the same type of commitment you vowed to your marriage, career, or church. However, this commitment is deeper because it is the most important things you can do for yourself. This process is you becoming one with God's spirit which require you to discover who are created to be.

Many people miss out on an amazing opportunity with God because learning who you are is difficult at the beginning. Rightfully so, because it's pulling you away from everything that you've known and everything that doesn't bring the best out of you. That means you may have to leave your career, relationship, move to a different place, or simply change your eating habits. But if everything you're attached to is based off of your pain, IT HAS GO! It's impossible to uncover who you are if you aren't willing to release negative attachments. You can't attract the desires of your heart from a broken place. Free yourself by discovering who you are.


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