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Teach people how to treat YOU

I talk a lot about being positive and watching where you apply your energy. One of the major ways of being in control of those things is creating boundaries. Having boundaries in place means doing things with yourself in mind and taking control on how you allow people to treat you. I don’t know why I get the feeling that people make it out to be this negative thing. When you start implementing boundaries you will soon notice that those “good friends and family” will distance themselves from you. Even co-workers will fall back. Why is that a bad thing? It’s not! I am not in the business of forcing anything anymore. I only want relationships that happen naturally. After implementing boundaries, you will notice how good vibes actually feel. It should be applied in all encounters: family, significant others, friends, co-workers...all people!

Over the past few months, I have changed my routine and started to focus more on leading an internal healthy life. I am talking mind and soul changes. Some things that once interest me, no longer do. My focus has been on how I can better myself. I have found interest in healing stones and crystals, meditating, learning about chakras, and a few other things that I will mention later.

During this time in my life, I really appreciate quality relationships. Ones where we build each up and truly support one another. We are living in a time where we do not want to share our dreams anymore and prefer to move in silence. I am all for that, but why do we really do that? Because we know that it is someone in the circle that does not want to see you elevate. They speak negative towards your progress and that mess is draining. Go ahead and let that toxicity go.

Some of us are in relationships that have not served us in a positive way in a long time. When I say relationship, I mean generally. Not just romantic relationships: family and friends need boundaries too.

At one point, I was a drained mother, wife, daughter, sister and quite honestly, I was tired of my own mess too. I was DONE! I start putting some rules in place. After doing so, I realized it was easier to separate myself from the outside world. Nevertheless, I was still overworking myself at home too. So, I established a firm bedtime for my daughter, and I started saying no to people. Those are just some small boundaries I have and feel good about. I love having my daughter run around all day, but baby girl needs a concrete bedtime. That’s my time to meditate, journal, and spend quality time with the hubby. Friday’s is her night to stay up late. Those small changes make a big difference.

As long you do everything out of love and good intentions, everything will fall into place. We all have options. Do not be afraid to lose people. You do not have to be around that “friend” you hate to tell your good news to because he or she is a hater and always downplay your success. No longer allow your significant other to throw disagreements under the rug, just because they cannot handle the mess they made. That’s just to throw a few examples out there. There is much more we allow ourselves to tolerate that we shouldn’t. Why be around people like that for FUN? All I am saying is teach people how to treat you. Handle things in a way that makes it comfortable for you. I refuse to spend my leisure time entertaining toxic people.


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