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Having strong faith will take you places

As we all know, faith is something that cannot be seen. Faith is something you totally have to surrender to will of God and yourself in order to reap the benefits of it. The reason I mention surrendering to yourself because we are gifted with the intuition to know how to deal with what is in front of us, but some of us do not trust those instincts. We have to stop looking to humanity to give us the answers, the answers are within us. Having true faith is what helps turn your life into something magical. Take it from me on how important it is to have faith because I was once operating from a strong place of fear. As I look back on my journey through life, fear was all I have known. Like most people, I picked up fear from childhood trauma and I only added to it as battled other obstacles. I grew up going to church and learning about God, but I never understood things. One thing I did learn was to have faith. Did I believe in faith? No. I did not believe it because so many negative things were happening in my life, but during those times I did not understand the journey God was taking me on.

Now when I look back on things, I realized that all the things that happened to me, happened for me. Had I not been in those dark places, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not get the chance to understand the mission of their life. That mission is to go through the mud, address the muddy areas of our life, and to clean that mud off. Some of us decide to sit in the mud and go through it over and over again. Not realizing that during those moments of hard times, we are supposed to nourish ourselves by healing that pain in a positive way. During those times of nourishing, the goal is to feel all feels. Be angry, sad, hurt, and all the words to describe what you are feeling. We are entitled to that. In the past, I tried pushing my anger and sadness away, by not addressing it. Not knowing at the time, that I was doing myself a disservice. That pain had to go somewhere, right? Wrong, the pain stayed bottled inside with everything else that hurts.

There is way to let faith lead your life and all the decisions you make. It’s called trusting your thoughts and feelings. Trusting that when you are alone and all you can think about is your pain, mean it’s time to focus and deal with that pain. Have the faith to “innerstand” that God is taking you through it to BREAK THROUGH it. Everything that happens in life is a lesson and blessing. Show gratitude and be thankful for the journey to your destiny and purpose.

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