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Self-Love is...

Self-love is a journey. You choose this kind of love. Self-love is a love that runs deep for self. It is unconditional. It is challenging. It is a choice you have to make everyday. It is a love that requires you to be accountable, present, free from judgement, and shameless. Self-love is healing. Self-love is acceptance, constant reassuring. Only you can give you this kind of love. Self-love is freedom! Self-love requires breaking down the walls of trauma and unlearning societal views that doesn't serve you. Self-love is spiritual. Self-love is always positive, even during times where you find it challenging to forgive the actions of your past. Self-love is truth-seeking. Self-love is divine knowledge found in the quiet walls of solitude and stillness. Self-love is breath...

-Journey of a Butterfly

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