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We went on a Jeep event the other weekend. It was a total of 20 Jeep Wrangler’s riding along this mud trail. Anyway, we stopped for lunch in the woods. My daughter and I was walking around some bushes and we came across a snake! To those who know me, knows I am terrified of snakes. I cannot stand to even look at them. Anyway, Liah screamed! In that moment, of course I was startled. Liah and I ran the opposite direction of the snake.

Seeing that snake go the other way really enlightened me. I instantly felt different about them. Honestly, I felt empowered because me being afraid of snakes was the only thing I thought would bring me to my knees. I conquered a fear, I wasn’t moved by what I perceived to be something envious.

I know it’s a simple story about how I feel about snakes. The message goes a little deeper for me. This taught me to let nothing defeat me no matter how ugly it is. I’m bigger than obstacles that come my way. There’s nothing too big for me to hurdle.

Im loving this version of myself. The past few weeks have been very knowledgeable. I’ve started meditating and I love it. I found a few guided meditations on YouTube. The only issue I have is that I need to make time for it everyday.

Are things perfect right now? No! But it’s peaceful here. So far walking, writing, meditating, and quality time with my family and myself has been a great start. I’ve been taking some necessary steps back to analyze myself and the things I allow to be around.

Even though I’m still figuring things out. I understand dark times will arise and we will always have some type of obstacle to jump. I know now to give myself time to ponder the things that makes me angry, sad, and even scared. Then I move on.


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