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Beauty From Within

Feeling beautiful is something that comes from within. Often times, we don’t feel good about ourselves and it shows. No matter how many times my husband expressed my beauty, I couldn’t see it. I didn’t believe it because its not what I saw in the mirror. I responded to his compliment with something negative, I took everything away from the compliment. I saw what it would do to him and immediately I would feel bad and what makes it even more crazy is that I didn’t stop.

So now my focus is to change that. I’m starting to work on spiritual healing because I feel it’s important for my mental health. I’m currently researching different things and I will get into meditating soon.

I’ve taken a small break because I was trying to do so much. I’m in the biggest transition of my life. Things became very heavy, so it wasn’t helping my anxiety at all. I also wasn’t my best self. I had to take a step back and center myself.

During that time, I’ve found things I’m interested in. I found that taking walks separate me from reality and I have the freedom to process my thoughts. Others things like doing puzzles and coloring creates relaxation for me.

I see my beauty now!


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