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Shedding the weight

We should all love the skin we are in, right? That’s not always the case, but it should at least be the goal. That requires work towards getting to that place of peace and inner knowing. If you are having a hard time, I highly suggest dedicating sacred time to yourself to get to that place of peace. It is so important because the type of self-love I talk about is more than what you see. It’s about knowing who you are, how you feel about yourself deeply, and your core beliefs.

I am loving myself and my body. Yes, I have changed a lot because I have done the work to heal myself. I stopped running from everything that I was afraid of. You may think this is all about food. It is about more than that. Shedding the weight is about faith or fear. This is a lifestyle change. This blog is about shedding the weight of depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, people-pleasing, abuse of any kind, self-sabotage, and anything that keeps you from being your authentic self. Three practices that helped me transform my journey is meditation, journaling, and mindfulness.

Meditating means to think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time for spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation. Meditating was not easy for me at first because I did not understand why I could not focus. My thoughts were all over the place. Then I understood that this is exactly why I needed to keep practicing it. I needed to address these thoughts, slow them down and analyze them. If you are struggling to stay on task, examine why? Ask yourself, “why am I resisting this practice?” Usually, we become uncomfortable with change, that is why it is important to KEEP GOING. Keep going until you notice a change.

The purpose of meditating to get to a place of quieting the mind and getting to a place of stillness. On days I felt like giving up, I used that same energy to keep going. Meditating was a good way to understand what I needed to heal and how to live life from a peaceful place. Then it all started to make sense, the thoughts I was avoiding were the ones I needed to sit with. A lot of times, as individuals we don’t want to sit with ourselves or our thoughts. Why? Because it is easier to suppress than address them. Addressing our pain, the right way gives us the opportunity to gain wisdom and move forward.

Journaling has been the best way for addressing everything. Once you set forth on a path to healing, journaling will become your best friend. I have different journals for different reasons. For example, I have a manifestation journal, releasing journal, bible journal, intention setting journal, and my business journal. I know that is it not easy adding journaling to your Self-Love routine, but the goal is to put forth the effort for yourself. Nothing happens overnight and understand the process is not supposed to be easy. If you feel resistance, meditate on why you are reluctant to accept this practice.

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, a state of being conscious of something. This area took the most work for me because this is where you begin the process of changing your frame of thought. In this phase, I learned that I am in control of whether I chose to live a positive or negative life. It really is that simple, but not easy to do if you lived life full of negativity and fear. Now that I know better, I choose to live a positive and faith bound life. Here is an example on what practicing mindfulness looks like:

“One afternoon, you are dressing for your first speaking engagement. You have been preparing for months. You notice that you are starting to feel unprepared. Suddenly overthinking and fear has set in. “I knew I wasn’t ready for this. I am not qualified for this. Why do I always to do this to myself?” When this happens, take a slow, deep breath in with intention to bring peace, love, and light. Then on your breath out slowly release control, fear, and overthinking. Do this 3 times. Be intentional with the breaths. Then speak love and life into yourself.

“I am made for this! I have broken many barriers to get here. I am overqualified and I will continue to rise above anything against my happiness.”

Another benefit that helped me is being mindful of the foods I ate. As my consciousness started to expand, I began to notice my alcohol intake, too. I looked at a picture of myself and I was not happy with who I saw. I looked like I was trying to drown myself. I flip the switch in moment. Watching what I eat is a major healing benefit. I do still enjoy my guilty pleasures, but in moderation. I have fully gotten away from process food too. I’ve grown to love raw juices and smoothies. I have understood that a lot of I ate, literally kept me down. As I have been adjusting to this lifestyle, I have lost a lot of weight. I like to call it getting back to “me”. This is how I look before I started my journey into adulthood.

I have enjoyed sharing some my practices. I will talk more about these topics individually because it is so much more information. Please look forward to more blogs

-Journey of a Butterfly

I have enjoyed sharing some my practices. I will talk more about these topics individually because it is so much more information. Please look forward to more blogs.

May 2020. June 2021

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