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Off the Grid

I’ve been trying to find ways to slow my mind down and I’m learning that nature just puts me at peace. I can focus on what I want. How I feel about everything that’s going on with me and the changes I am making within. I’ve learned to embrace new relationships and drop it when it no longer work for me in a positive way.

Controlling the space around me is so important. At this place in life, I only want unconditional love and good energy around me. So spending quality time with my family was the medicine I needed to get my thoughts together for my next chapter.

So we did a thing and went camping. This was definitely on our bucket list. We went to Evans Creek, one of Washington’s State Parks. And y’all, we were completely off the was so amazing! To have that connection with my family, I was at BLISS. Even when we bump in to a few obstacles during our travel, the vibe stayed the same.

Being in the Forest was a true escape from reality, it was just my reality. I’ve been on plenty of vacations that was an escape, but nothing like what I just experienced. Nothing else mattered, excepted when I had a small meltdown on if I told my mom we were staying the night. I didn’t want her to worry if something happened us. Then I thought, it’s going to be okay, Keela. So I whispered a prayer and enjoyed my family!

"It ain't perfect, but everything's beautiful" -Jhené Aiko


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