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Mental Check In

During this Pandemic, I hope that everyone is mentally well. I know at times like this, things can be very overwhelming. We are losing people daily and some are struggling financially.

Mentally, I was hit pretty hard at the very beginning of the shutdown. It was crazy how everything in my life was happening so fast. The first week of the shutdown down, I was just beginning my transition from the Army. Also, this was the same week my daughter didn’t go back to school and my husband left for training. All this happen in the same week. I was trying so hard to hold it together and hold it down like I normally do. But this time it was different, this was my new life.

I wanted to be this Savior! I wanted to handle it on my own so my husband wouldn’t have to worry. I was really struggling so bad. I know anxiety/ panic disorder is different for each person, but mostly my disorder makes me feel like I am fighting to stay alive. I constantly feel like I’m about to take my last breathe and leave my family. I’m know this may sound weird, but these are things we need to talk about. The symptoms we feel cannot be seen on a screen at the hospital. I will post more blogs expressing my experiences over the last few years of dealing with these issues.

Through this process, I’ve learned to be transparent. It has worked in my favor so far. My family and friends have been my rock during these times. The unexpected calls and texts mean so much to me because there is no judgment, I don’t feel crazy as much.

If you are having a tough time, please use the people in your life to help you through. Reach out to me too. There are so many resources out there for us to use. We can get through these tough times together.


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