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The message to the world is self-love!


Journey to New Beginnings with our Life Coaching Services


Elevate Your Style with Handmade Adornments


"So I had the transformation call and I can’t express enough how it just felt like a big sister I was honestly overwhelmed with the amount of care and love that she had I felt it!"

Who We Are

Journey of a Butterfly, LLC started December 2019. I started this journey posting blogs; then I opened my online retail store offering my handmade "Self-Love" bracelets and others products. Since then, we have expanded into Life Coaching Services. Initially, this became apart of my personal therapy as I struggled with mental illness. After my military career, I started my journey towards self-love and inner peace. While on the journey to discovering myself, I aligned with my purpose and passion. I Coach others to discover their Purpose and Power through spirituality and self-love. Re-establishing a true form of self-love is the foundation to a brand NEW Life, a brand NEW YOU! This journey is not meant to be easy, but so worth it. 


Journey to new beginnings! 

Channel the benefits of using our products daily










Ready to Embrace Self Love, mental wellness, and Inner Peace?



Let me help you change your life by coaching you to:

  • Change the relationship you have with your trauma 

  • Renew your mindset to positive thinking 

  • Create healthy boundaries

  • Meditate to connect deeply with yourself

  • Process negative thoughts into positive outcomes

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